Grace is all yours!

I have only heard so far about ” I got this smile from my Mamma!’, everyone gets it from mamma though, generally. But what I have felt in last few days is I also got this from my mamma to make my people smile with simple and thoughtful gestures so effortlessly, that it occurs to me that smile is the most priceless thing you can gift people you love. And it is only these simple moments that you are present is what makes life magical and worth living.

But this act of spreading smiles doesn’t come as easy if one is not happy and content with the life he’s living in. Now that’s a cliche for sure, when I say content I do not mean put aside your ambitions and expectations and stay in ‘Nirvana’ no matter what goes around. But rather embrace the chaos around, self assure that everything will pass by and you will emerge as a survivor (Winner is too much of performance pressure!) Once you are used to that pattern of living, nothing can make you reactive to anything and everything. Because being reactive is whole some drain of energy, physical and mental, personally I feel it only arises out of expectations and entitlements! Again when you put this question to yourself am I expecting too much, chances are you might answer yes to yourself 80% of the times, but problem ain’t that, problem is you wanting expectations to be fulfilled all 80% of the time ! So in living that process , our reactive nature dominates us while acceptance nature till searching for its resonating frequency inside us.


Now if you are still at this length of the piece , I am sure you are looking for what to do once you are caught up in the so called paranoia. Sharing with you what works for me and try it out yourself too, let me know if it works. I will try to file a patent!!

Anyways, three tactics those work for me are ,

  1. Check if you WANT the thing or you want it SHOULD happen to you! –  You will clearly know if you want it that bad or you are just falling to entitlement of it should definitely happen to you.
  2. Confide in someone who knows you in and out and will show you what you SHOULD see and not what you are WANTING to see  – I think most of us have lived this quite many times and acknowledged the fact that Yes , maybe I was being too demanding and lost myself in the process! So yea, one more chance to call up your buddy and load him with all that madness in your head.
  3. Stay in present as much as possible, for it is our mind that ideally creates every mess in our head first and then you see it unfold right infront of you, believing what happened is what you expected. It works the other way round often, what you expect is what happens to you.

My mom has taught me one thing for sure, people come and go, situations change and so do your statuses, what remains constant is how privileged you feel in every phase of your life and I think that is what is practicing gratitude all about. When you keep a reality check from what you were  to where you are today you will definitely have all the courage, wisdom and of course smile to walk to where you want to be!

Waiting for your thoughts too!


What helps ? If at all something helps!

It is been a day of countless questions popping up to understand what draws people into ending their own life, especially when we say he achieved so much at such a young age. I liked the fact that he took unconventional decisions of quitting engineering the moment he was sure to pursue acting, translate his presence to big screen when he was acing the small screen game. So he quite literally understood the gamut of transition.

Sushant Singh Rajput ain’t an unheard name with a smile that surely touches millions of hearts, there’s something so genuine about his smile, that only makes you smile in response to looking at it. Contagious,truly! The news is heart breaking, sad and shock to all of us. I think actors touch our lives in such an intangible way that you relate with them and you feel them. I remember watching Kedarnath wherein he had the intense, passionate and shy character evidently similar to his real life persona, and having loved the movie solely for his sheer goodness throughout the movie. Can not accept the fact , I saw his last movie..



What also makes him relatable is he looks like one among-st us, having soaring high dreams & ambitions but also vulnerability to live as no one else but himself. To strike the balance between the two is what you do everyday consciously. If you pull it of well, you sleep well at night with peace in mind and content at heart. If not, you promise to live by it again starting the next day and it keeps going on. I am no one to judge why he did this and how could he be saved, but like an ardent admirer, I definitely want to understand what goes wrong – Is it inside the head of a person that life becomes such worthless or is it that the baggage of pulling across each day becomes a pain so strong that one only ends the cycle.

What has gone is gone, like it is said, you do not live long enough to do every mistake and learn from it. So keep learning from what people around you do and be a better version of you everyday without doubting what you are today and celebrating all the efforts you put in to improvise. Because if you are your biggest critic you also got to be your biggest appreciator!

I just wish , hope and pray, the quarantine time helps us understand basic humanity and leading a lifestyle that is completely minimal and mediocre, for it is now that mediocre looks like a craved one.


We Run!!

If you want to walk fast, walk alone, if you want to walk distant; walk together. Sounds cliché, well to each his own, I am walking with my husband to reach distant goals. Hoping this to be a long journey, which just began today running for the first FIVE kms, ironically also for Men’s’ health (PS. I was running for my MAN’s health)!!

Having a hand to hold onto while you are walking is utmost assurance that you have one to pull you up while you will struggle in the times when you are just about to give up or rather say that’s it for today and I am done. The point is you will be energized with just a call off, Come Let’s Go!! Personally, this is the only magic I can run for!!

So as always we were too busy and half eyes open to calculate what time do we jump off the bed (just right enough to reach on time, also very accurate not to compromise on half a minutes sleep), nevertheless all calculations go for a toss till you decide to jump off and see you are already rushing. How can Maps be too supportive if you are in rush, no it is not yet that smart to understand this crab that you are late and let it not divert you, it will do its job – to help you reach the destination (only if you have an eagles eye to spot every left, right, up and below the fly over while you are in hurry). As I am in most of my things, a little careless, we ended up reaching close to the flag off time (careless, enough to lose my maps track). So yes, we started off with the enthusiastic crowd, just settling and deciding how to go – do we Run or Jog or Brisk walk or rather just keep the feet moving, finally doing all of the things in exact sequence!! But yes, ultimate fun and joyfulness stimulates only because you have come (after underestimating at each stage if I will actually do this or stay in my comfort zone – of course the bed!!)

Run 1

Perfect partner, cause, weather and time to explore another side of you while you run!! Looking at every passerby, smiling with an attempt to maybe encourage all the doers and eventually feel happy about absolutely nothing. I can truly feel these moments to be a sheer bliss. So long awaited was this bliss with him, just another goal that we have reached.

I am sure, life to me is endless bucketlist. Although I am too impatient to do all of them at one go, but like he slays when he says, sab aj kar liya toh hum kal kya karenge (What plans to you have for tomorrow, if you accomplish it all today!!) That is the exact reason why I hold my man’s hands, I ask him to hold onto me, because I am a little unsteady. And he does hold me like a baby (exactly how I need to be held).

I keep being grateful and praying may this amazing partnership of accomplishing all our goals continue for at least next 100 years making us happier and loving as every day passes!!